Winning campaigns: Flourish Management x Topshop SNO

The award for Best Influence Campaign at the Online Influence Awards 2020 went to Flourish Management for the team’s work on the Topshop SNO campaign. Working with influencers to showcase the collection, Flourish aimed for authenticity with imagery of the ski wear in use.

Flourish Management’s managing director Aundrea Worsley shares the work that went into the campaign, the challenges her team faced this year and her highlights of 2020.

Congratulations! How did it feel to win in your category?
Thank you so much! We were so thrilled to win Best Influence Campaign for our successful 2019 Topshop SNO campaign. We’ve worked so hard building up this business and it was great to get this recognition in particular during such a tricky year!

What was the original brief for the campaign?
The original brief was to drive online traffic using influencers to promote their new SNO collection. We came up with a really creative, engaging and authentic way of using products on a beautiful Chamonix influencer trip where influencers were able to showcase their outfits in a genuine way.

What most excited you and your team about it?
Topshop had never contracted an external agency to fulfill a brief such as this, so we were excited to be the agency that could take it on!

What do you love most about working on campaigns like this one?
Working with amazing influencers with top brands, creating beautiful imagery in idyllic surroundings, and driving sales!

How important are influencers for campaigns like this?
Influencers are incredibly important for campaigns like these, it’s genuine content that customers can view, engage with and feel as though they’re getting authentic ‘peer-reviewed’ information. Influencers have spent years perfecting their image and their craft and building up a loyal following of people who love what they wear/post/do, so using influencers for a campaign like this is fantastic to drive revenue and awareness.

What have been the main challenges for your team this year?
Not being able to travel or host events. A huge part of what we do as a business is hosting influencer events locally and abroad and this has been a truly difficult time for us. However, being a small business has enabled us to be reactive and nimble to our approach to service offerings which have helped us carry through the year!

What have been your highlights of 2020?
1. Winning this award!
2. Huge wins for our talent roster of influencers
3. A strong, ambitious, driven and motivated team who have banded together when times were looking tough!

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