#FuturePRoof Five covers the impact of COVID-19 on NHS comms

The fifth #FuturePRoof book launches today, Friday 27 November, and takes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on NHS communications as its focus.

Documenting the extreme challenges facing NHS comms professionals this year as a result of the coronavirus are 16 essays telling the story of digital transformations and internal communications. Contributors to #FuturePRoof Five: The impact of COVID-19 on NHS comms include Chris Hopson, John Underwood, Bill Nichols, Adam Brimelow, Daniel Reynolds, Victoria Macdonald, Cassie Zachariou, Amanda Nash, Caroline Latta, Claire Riley, Kirk Millis-Ward, Liz Davies, Mark Flannagan, Paul Dunn, Sarah Rose, Michael Carden, Ross Wigham, Lisa Ward, Adam Shepphard and Ranjeet Kaile.

FuturePRoof Five copy

‘Every NHS communicator working alongside frontline staff, engaging with patients, liasing with the media and working with the Government is a hero,’ said #FuturePRoof founder and editor Sarah Waddington of the latest book’s featured sector.

‘I’m massively grateful to all the amazing contributors in this book who somehow, in the midst of a global pandemic, found the time to write and capture an important stage in the history and evolution of the NHS.’

CIPR President-Elect Mandy Pearce believes the book is a tribute to the important work that has happened this year: ‘The collection of essays from some of the top NHS communicators shows just how well our profession has risen to the challenge of COVID-19. It provides lessons with high applicability for the rest of the public sector and the industry as a whole.’

A chapter of #FuturePRoof Five: The impact of COVID-19 on NHS comms will be shared each day on the FuturePRoof blog and shared on Twitter @weareproofed. The book can also be purchased via Blurb and on Kindle.

As part of Sarah Waddington’s mission to improve social mobility in PR by making best practice more accessible, all design, production and marketing costs for #FuturePRoof are paid by Astute.Work.

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