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Get to know this year’s winners of the Online Influence Awards, who joined us for an online ceremony from their living rooms across the UK in bow ties, ball gowns and pyjamas for what we wanted to be our most accessible awards yet.

If you missed the big night on Friday 20 November, read on to find out more about the winners and what makes them so influential among their audiences, peers and, not least, this year’s Online Influence Awards judging panel.

Best influencers by sector

London Theatre Reviews

Arts & Entertainment – London Theatre Reviews
As the coronavirus pandemic has hit the arts industry hard, London Theatre Reviews has been hard at work supporting the theatre industry. This year’s Online Influence Awards judging panel loved the broad range of contributors writing for the blog, which shows a long-term commitment to making the arts accessible for everyone.


Beauty – makeupbytammi
For the best in beauty, the judges awarded makeupbytammi, loving the authenticity of her content (both in and out of makeup). A true expert in the field, Tammi has grown her brand to the point of having her own palette.

Stuart Thomson

Current Affairs – Stuart Thomson
When it comes to current affairs, Stuart Thomson was the pick in a crowded category for quality content. With his clear and concise style, Stuart keeps things practical and political-party-neutral, equipping his audience with the information they need on what’s happening around the world.


Fashion – styleidealist
Ideal in the judge’s eyes for fashion was styleidealist founder Karina, who shares engaging and accessible content readers are quick to relate to – with tips that are achievable for all and, very importantly, affordable, too.

Becky Excell

Food & Drink – Becky Excell
What turned out to be the most tempting morsel in this category was Becky Excell’s blog for the gluten and dairy free community (and others who just want something tasty, regardless of ingredients). What made our judges’ mouths water in particular was Becky’s focus and drive to build her own niche in the food and drinks sector.

Keep it simpElle

Health & Fitness – Keep it simpElle
Making fitness accessible for everyone is Elle at Keep it simpElle, who impressed the judges with her light-hearted tone and humour in a time where health can be serious business. Authenticity runs through every post from Elle, who even shares pictures of workouts from her living room (something we can all relate to this year, we’re sure).

Sophie Robinson

Interior Design – Sophie Robinson
For interiors, Sophie Robinson has taken her content outside of the box – sharing ideas across her blog, her podcast with Online Influence Awards Hall of Famer Kate Watson-Smyth from Mad About the House and her inspirational Instagram. What drew the judge’s eye for this year’s best in Interior Design – Sophie’s love of colour and her encouragement of bold design.

The Globetrotter Guys

LGBTQ+ – The Globetrotter Guys
The judges didn’t have to look far to find fantastic LGBTQ+ creators this year – The Globetrotter Guys have been keeping things positive despite the pandemic’s impact on the travel industry and share practical information on travelling when LGBTQ+.

Little Green Shed

Lifestyle – Little Green Shed
Little Green Shed’s Lou was our judges pick for the best in lifestyle influence, having ten years of experience of sharing consistently engaging content. Her clean style and dedication to her followers are particular pluses.


Parenting – manversusbaby
Matt Coyne started manversusbaby as a Facebook post and is now a bestselling author and internet favourite – the judges’ verdict declared him ‘hilarious’, ‘funny’ and ‘provocative’.

Ronke Lawal

PR & Comms – Ronke Lawal
A public relations-focused platform that also attracts an audience outside of its sector is a special thing indeed, so Ronke Lawal was our judges pick for the winner in the PR & Comms category. Her focus on black-owned businesses and giving previously overlooked people a voice has been a real highlight of this year.

Brogan Abroad

Travel & Leisure – Brogan Abroad
Sustainable travel is what Teresa at Brogan Abroad is all about, and her passion for shopping locally and supporting smaller local businesses impressed our judges (as did her detailed awards entry).

Ethical Hour

Disruptor – Ethical Hour
And disrupting things in the best possible way is Ethical Hour, who beat out others in the hardest category being judged this year. Sharing how to live sustainably with clear advice and actions, Sian is helping her audience lead more ethical lives.

Plantastic Mr Fox

Newcomer – Plantastic Mr Fox
Stuart, also known as the Plantastic Mr Fox, planted himself on social media not that long ago and has already grown himself a healthy crop of followers looking for help with parenting their plants. The judges loved his name, creativity and tips.

Best in UK influence

Best Influence Campaign – Flourish Management – Topshop SNO
Soon able to flourish their award for Best Influence Campaign (which will be in the post shortly) is the team at Flourish Management who worked on the Topshop SNO project. The results of the campaign were impressive, as were the images shared by influencers working on it with them.

Best Cause-Led Influence Campaign – Zero Waste Scotland – Scotland is Stunning – Let’s Keep It That Way
Cross-party recognition (including the First Minister) was achieved by Zero Waste Scotland with its Scotland is Stunning – Let’s Keep It That Way campaign. With stunning imagery and a carefully-executed plan, the campaign also featured influencers including TikTok’s littlestchicken (no small feat).

Best UK Influencer – Ethical Hour
Sian at Ethical Hour also picked up (virtually, anyway) the award for Best UK Influencer, with content committed to a cause important for everyone.

Caroline Hirons

Hall of Fame – Caroline Hirons
The ‘most powerful woman in beauty’ joined the Online Influence Awards’ Hall of Fame this year, which is bound to please her global audience of self-described ‘Skincare Freaks’ – yes, we’re talking about Caroline Hirons, whose influence is undeniable. In a year where self-care became so important, Caroline’s recommendations have been closely followed by her fans, with products she likes selling-out across the world and her book Skincare shooting to the top of the charts. Thank you for helping to keep our skin clear and healthy, Caroline – and thank you to all of our winners for your creativity this year.

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