15 Statement Collarbone Tattoos for Men in 2020

Collarbone Tattoos


Collarbone tattoos are going to get noticed, and that’s the whole point of getting a piece like this. If you are confident and want to get inked in a place you and others can see, then it is the perfect spot. It can also be a discreet option, allowing you to cover up your artwork. The wide variety of designs that can be tattooed in this area ensures there is an option for everyone, whether you’re after an elaborate bird or flower design, or prefer something smaller and minimalist. There are many pros associated with this placement, but one thing you should be aware of is that it will hurt; due to the proximity to the bone. Still, it is a popular choice for men who wish to make a statement. Keep reading to find all the inspiration you need for your next great collarbone tattoo!


1. Collarbone Flower Tattoo

If you’ve decided on the perfect spot for your ink, and the collarbone is a fantastic choice, the only thing then is picking out a design that will suit your style and preference. Flowers look great in this location, and you can get pieces that are small or big, and stretch out over the whole clavicle. As for why you should choose a bloom? There are so many different options to pick from, and in general, blossoms are associated with beauty and life. Opt for bold, colored florals, or keep it simple with black ink. Whatever you decide on, this is going to be a piece that you will love and will hold significant meaning to you.


Flower Collarbone Tattoo


2. Collarbone Bird Tattoo

Do you value the idea of freedom and being in control of your life? These are two qualities often associated with bird tattoos, which is why they make an ideal option for men. There are many different species to choose from, all of which have their unique meaning and appeal. If you want your collarbone piece to stand out, consider opting for a colored ink, and get something beautiful and realistic that pops against your skin tone.


Bird Collarbone Tattoo


3. Collarbone Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoos represent courage, bravery, and freedom. If you are interested in otherworldly ideas, you may be drawn to the Native American meaning of the object; a symbol of spiritual protection. They are fantastic pieces to get inked because of the powerful symbolism attached to them, and many men favor these designs because of that. When getting tattooed with a feather piece, you will also find that the collarbone is one of the best options for this design. The reason is that the shape of the plume, and your clavicle, work very well together.


Feathers Collarbone Tattoo


4. Collarbone Butterfly Tattoo

You may have to endure a bit of discomfort to get inked on your clavicle, but the results are worth it. Men who want to show off their body art are drawn to this spot, and they show it off with confidence. When deciding what design would work best for you, you should consider a butterfly tattoo. Not only does this insect look great completed in black or colored ink because of the beauty and detail involved, but there is also powerful symbolism associated with it. The stunning creature is linked with transformation and growth, and it is not hard to see why this meaning would inspire a man.


Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo


5. Collarbone Name Tattoo

If you want artwork that is truly unique to you, then you should consider a name tattoo. The beauty of a piece like this is you can ink your body with the initials of loved ones or words that move you. It is a great way to honor someone who has passed or to mark the birth of a child. Many men also want to show their affection for their partner, and do this with a name tattoo. Whoever’s moniker you choose, it will be unique to you. Your design can be simple, or you can add various other elements to it, including flowers or hearts.


Name Collarbone Tattoo


6. Collarbone Quote Tattoo

There is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes, quote tattoos say all you need them to. When deciding on body art that is meaningful to you, you may be inspired by your favorite lyrics, a passage from a book you love, or a statement you have read that has stuck with you. Ink enthusiasts also know the placement of your ink is just as important as the design, and the collarbone is a fantastic spot for a quote. You will be relatively limited for space in this area, so try to choose only a few words that are special to you.


Quote Collarbone Tattoo


7. Collarbone Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoos can be scary and intimidating, and for certain men, this is what they want. That said, the serpent is a cross-cultural symbol, often associated with fertility, wisdom, and transformation. For some individuals, the snake can represent rebirth, as it sheds its skin, while for others, it may symbolize something more sinister. Regardless of what the animal means to you, we can agree the collarbone is a great spot for it. Thanks to the shape of a serpent, it looks fantastic when inked onto the clavicle because it can twist itself around your bone. It makes for a fascinating design and one that will undoubtedly attract attention every time you choose to show it off. 


Snake Collarbone Tattoo


8. Collarbone Branch Tattoo

A tattoo of branches can look incredibly stylish when inked onto the collarbone. The shape of the clavicle and the narrowness of the leaves tend to work well together. It is not just the image, though, but also the symbolism. Men who want body art that means something to them, mostly if they have overcome adversity, will be drawn to this design. There are many options to choose from, but olive branches are one of the most popular choices, representing peace or victory.


Branches Collarbone Tattoo


9. Collarbone Minimalist Tattoo

Uncomplicated designs are appealing, especially when choosing to get body art in a small, painful spot like the collarbone. The simple option has become increasingly popular amongst men who prefer less detail and have a laid-back personality. Those who opt for minimalist tattoos often focus on the basic form of the design, forgoing shading. There are many pros to this approach, including the fact that it makes for an inexpensive and less uncomfortable tattoo session. Plus, you don’t need to cover half your body with ink to make a statement!


Minimalist Collarbone Tattoo


10. Collarbone Heart Tattoo

The heart is a universally recognized symbol associated with love and passion. It has been one of the most popular tattoo options for both men and women for decades. The variations of the design help you to find something that is meaningful to you and looks great. Some men prefer a more minimalistic approach, opting for a basic outline of the shape. Others favor a sacred heart style or choose to add various elements to their body art, including the names of loved ones. The color of your ink also impacts the meaning; red is often linked to romance, while black represents sorrow.


Heart Collarbone Tattoo


11. Collarbone Moon Tattoo

Moon tattoos have various meanings, depending on the phase you choose to get inked. A full option can represent mystery and insanity, while a crescent shape focuses on transition and change. Lunar ink is an excellent choice for men who contemplate their lives and the direction they want to go in. It also looks incredibly cool when completed on the collarbone. If you wish to make a statement with your body art, this is the way to go!


Moon Collarbone Tattoo


12. Collarbone Symbol Tattoo

There are so many different symbols to choose from, which ensures your ink will be unique to you. When deciding what to get tattooed, you may be drawn to Old Norse or Native American markings as a way to honor these cultures. Alternatively, you may want Roman Numerals or focus on getting something more abstract, for example, tiny images, patterns, and shapes. The beauty of ink like this is that it is a conversation starter. People will not be able to interpret the meaning of your design and have to ask you. It is also a popular option for more secretive men.


Symbols Collarbone Tattoo


13. Collarbone Abstract Clavicle Tattoo

The appeal of an abstract tattoo is there is no singular meaning. Those who wish to get something inked that is open to interpretation will be drawn to this option. You can decide on several shapes and lines, or opt for symbols, making your design as creative and unique to you as possible. Body art like this can represent a physical place, an animal, or a person, but the important thing is how the piece makes you feel. It is all about emotions.


Abstract Clavicle Tattoo


14. Collarbone Tattoo Cover Up

Hopefully, when you decide on a tattoo, it is going to be meaningful to you, and you will be able to display proudly. We all know this is not always the case, though, and mistakes happen. If you have regrets about a previous choice, you can opt for a cover-up. When inking over a design, you usually need the new piece to be more extensive and more detailed. You can work with your body artist to find the perfect new tat, one that you won’t want to hide!


Collarbone Tattoo Cover Up


15. Tattoo Under Collarbone

Collarbone tattoos are popular options for a man who is not afraid of the pain. When getting inked, it is always smart to consider the shape of your piece and how it works in your chosen placements. Sometimes, you may find that your design will look better underneath the clavicle, instead of on top of it. The good news is, this is also a slightly less painful option because it is not directly on the bone. Still, be prepared for some discomfort. If you can handle the pain, though, this is a fantastic spot for your next tattoo!


Under Collarbone Tattoo



What does a collarbone tattoo mean?

Tattoo placement on the collarbone doesn’t hold any particular meaning, beyond that of the design itself. Keep in mind that it is a more visible location, which can be harder to hide. However, there are so many designs and positions that you can do; you’ll end up with a truly unique and special tattoo.

How much does a collarbone tattoo cost?

Most tattoo shops charge by the hour, and the rate might be a standard shop price, or it could vary by artist depending on their experience, exposure, and popularity. Expect to pay between $120-$200 per hour, on average. However, the total cost will also depend on the size of your tattoo and how much detail it has. The collarbone isn’t a large area, so a mid-sized design would only take a couple of hours. When you book in for a consultation and discuss your design with the artist, you’ll be able to ask for a ballpark quote.

Do collarbone tattoos hurt?

Yes, a collarbone will hurt more than other areas. It’s bony, and there’s minimal padding, so you’re going to feel a lot more of the vibrations and needle penetration. However, it’s not a huge area, so you won’t be subjected to hours upon hours of inking, making the pain somewhat more bearable.


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